Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are a classic design addition used to elevate your home's overall aesthetic. If you seek a custom mirror, ask Glass Doctor¨of Woodbridge, NJ, for assistance. We will deliver a superb piece. Our specialists use custom mirrors to highlight, showcase and illuminate your space. Trust our team to design a mirror made exclusively for your space.

Beautiful Mirror Benefits

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

Mirrors are a tool for many designers. Using them strategically can amplify light and maximize the illusion of space. Place custom created mirrors to bounce natural light throughout a dim room, or place them in an entry hall to make it feel less cramped.

During an in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of Woodbridge, NJ, we'll walk you through our process and answer any questions you have. Consider custom mirrors for:

  • Walls: Open up an office or hobby room with a mirrored wall
  • Backsplash: Ideal for adding depth in a bathroom, or easy-to-clean when used in a kitchen
  • Statement pieces: Turn mirrors into a decorative focal piece above your fireplace or in the dining room

Display Home Decor and Art at its Best Advantage

Put your cherished possessions on display using mirrors that show them off from every angle, or use custom mirrors to complete the look of the room. Personalization options include tints, edges, finishes and frames. Some decorative mirror ideas to consider are:

Enhance Light

Mirrors are an effective way to spread light throughout your home. Mirrored tabletops or hanging mirrors work to illuminate dark corners in dimmer rooms. Try using custom mirrors to enhance natural light, or work with lamp and light placement to brighten a darkened space.

  • Shelves: Art is accentuated and can be viewed panoramically on mirrored shelves
  • Hanging pieces: A well-placed mirror allows you to view art from multiple points within a room, or it can direct light to highlight your favorite pieces
  • Framed mirrors: Framed mirrors are a perfect way to add your personal stamp, and they act as an art piece

The Full-Length Advantage

Whether you use a custom floor-to-ceiling mirror or a full-length framed mirror, a larger piece is beneficial for certain areas of your home. Our specialists will install full-length mirrors in:

  • Closets: Transform your walk-in closet into a sanctuary that lets you see how you look from head-to-toe
  • Entry hall: Maximize hall space and get a last glimpse of how you look before you leave the house

Our Custom Glass Expertise

Our glass specialists will transform your custom mirror visions into a reality. During your in-home visit, we'll take measurements, ask questions and guide you in making ideal decisions for your project.

Let your home's architecture, light, decor and art take center stage with the help of custom mirrors. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, call Glass Doctor of Woodbridge, NJ, today!