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Window Repair & Replacement

When your windows become damaged, Glass Doctor® of Winston-Salem is available to offer fast, stress-free services. Fit window glass repairs into your busy schedule with our convenient scheduling options. Glass Doctor of Winston-Salem promises to save you from any unpleasant surprises when your bill comes thanks to our upfront pricing. If you're looking for service that's efficient and professional, call Glass Doctor of Winston-Salem and a specialist will execute repairs according to industry best practices.

Repair Services


Window damage in the home requires quick repairs so security can be reestablished. Regardless of what time of day your windows experience damage, you need a specialist to secure your home and prevent break-ins and other issues that may cause you stress and endanger your household. Not only do specialists from Glass Doctor of Winston-Salem board up damaged widows, but they also clear the area of hazards. After reestablishing security, specialists will begin planning for permanent repairs.

Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows offer added efficiency, insulating the home from heat exchange through the window. However, double pane windows cannot function properly if the seals become broken. Broken seals on double pane windows detract from efficiency and result in a milky film covering the interior of the panes. When your double pane windows begin to malfunction, specialists from Glass Doctor of Winston-Salem will determine what's wrong and restore your windows' appearance and efficiency.

Specialty Repairs

We go beyond window glass replacement services, ask a specialist about creating a custom glass piece for your home. Make your bathroom stand out with a beautiful glass shower door or tub enclosure. Or opt to install new glass in your entryway door. We can cut custom panes to fit your decor needs, so no matter the size or shape we’re able to fulfill your specialty glass repair and addition requests.

Window Replacement

If you want your window glass to enhance efficiency of a space, consider insulated glass units (IGU). Glass Doctor of Winston-Salem and arrange to have a double or triple pane window installed.


Opt to upgrade windows when glass must be replaced from damage or when you hope to add efficiency to your homes. Modern windows, such as IGUs or low-emissivity (Low-E) panes make a home more energy efficient. These special window upgrades can also make it easier to keep noise levels under control.

Additional Glass Services


Applying a glass protectant to a window pane will help shield against stains and scratches. It also makes it easier to prevent buildup on the glass’ surface that's caused by hard water or pollutants. Glass Doctor of Winston-Salem uses Clear Choice™ protectant to provide these features.

Window Tinting

When you have your windows tinted, your home's interiors will enjoy protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays from sunlight. This protection can preserve the appearance of home furnishing and decor accessories while also making it easier to control your home's interior climate.

Repairs on Window Components

A variety of different components on your windows can become damaged and require repairs. For example, window locking mechanisms that don't work properly can prevent a window from being opened or closed. Specialists from Glass Doctor of Winston-Salem are able to offer component repair on parts like locks, latches and balances.

The Advantage Plan

Glass Doctor of Winston-Salem offers The Advantage Plan® to customers who are looking to special membership benefits such as:

  • Flexible member scheduling options
  • Membership discounts
  • Free inspections on home windows
  • A guarantee that windows will be protected from breakage

Learn more about our glass care today! Contact us with your questions regarding window repair and replacement.