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Auto Glass Care

A crack or chip in your windshield will disrupt your vision and put you and your passengers at risk. Thankfully, the team at Glass Doctor® of Winston Salem are on hand to provide all your auto glass care needs, repairing and replacing all manner of windshields, sunroofs, mirrors and more.

Windshield Care

If you take care of your windshield, your windshield will take care of you. In a collision, your windshield accounts for a significant amount of your vehicle’s structural integrity:

  • 45% in a front-end collision
  • 60% in the event of a rollover

However, any damage to your windshield compromises its ability to soak up damage and protect you and your passengers. Even a simple chip or crack can increase the chances of injury in a collision, and with our specialists’ repairs most small cracks and chips in just an hour, you’ve got no reason not to get a repair.

Our auto glass care experience allows us to repair most chips and cracks while taking into account the radio antennas, temperature gages, and rain sensors that are built into modern windshields.

Auto Glass Replacement

In the event of a collision, the tempered glass in your windshield and other windows will likely shatter into small bits. This is a safety feature and designed to happen, but also means you’ll need a replacement fitted.

Glass Doctor of Winston Salem provide a full replacement service for your windshield and other glass components, including:

  • Sunroof
  • Quarter glass
  • Sunroof
  • Rear windshield

Each of our specialists is trained to replace glass using industry best practice techniques, as recommended by the Auto Glass Safety Council, and because we work alongside most major insurance carriers we’re also able to help with the paperwork.

Each windshield we replace is covered by our G12® Road Hazard Guarantee, which covers unlimited repairs or one replacement within a year of fitting. We recommend you ask our team to add Clear Choice™ glass protectant to every pane on your vehicle. You will notice an immediate difference in visibility. We also give customers the option of upgrading their windshield guarantee protection for a small fee.

For more information on auto glass care or to book an appointment, contact the Glass Doctor of Winston Salem team today.