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Advance Measurement System

Planning and success in business are inseparable. No company can survive without a proactive business recovery plan for worst-case scenarios. Such plans are most effective if they account for physical damage from natural disasters. One of the first casualties of any disaster are your windows, which will leave your business exposed to outside weather and intruders. To help you bounce back from this damage, Glass Doctor® of Winston Salem has developed the Advance Measurement system. If you become an Advance Measurement customer, we will take an inventory of all your windows and make sure we have the necessary replacements in stock, keeping recovery times to a minimum.

Speedy Solutions

We make a detailed diagram of our customers' office buildings. Each pane is assigned a number; we will note the size and composition of the glass. So, if a window breaks, report the number to our team. We will quickly identify the window from the diagram; select the necessary glass from our inventory; and head over to your office. Knowing the type of panes you need makes it easy to complete repairs and replacements in a single visit, saving money, time and effort for both of our companies. We also record our Advance Measurement customers' contact and payment information ahead of time, speeding up the administrative part of our work.

Stock Specific Panes

If any of your windows are particularly vulnerable to damage, we can pre-order new panes. This ensures we will always have the glass you need.

Motivations for Advance Measurement

By becoming an Advance Measurement customer, you will save your business from:

  • Distractions: As we will already have all your information on file, we can make repairs without much guidance from you, allowing you to focus on your work.
  • High Costs: One-stop installation means labor and time costs will be lower.
  • Danger: The sooner you fix your windows, the less likely employees and customers are to get hurt, and the less vulnerable your business is to theft and vandalism.
  • Extended Repair: The Advance Measurement system lets you avoid boarded windows, which detract from your aesthetic.
  • Payment Pains: Since we will collect your payment information ahead of time, administrative delays and discrepancies will be minimal.

Don't leave your business vulnerable. Proactive business recovery planning is the key to success, so call Glass Doctor of Winston Salem today to request an Advance Measurement inspection.