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National Accounts Program

When you need professional glass services for your business, you want only the best and most reliable. In other words, you need Glass Doctor® of Winchester.

Businesses that open National Accounts with Glass Doctor have access to an international network of professional glass service providers that boasts more than 260 locations in across the United States and Canada, including Glass Doctor of Winchester.

Glass Doctor National Accounts are assured efficiency, affordability and consistency thanks to an array of benefits designed to meet the specific needs of businesses:

  • Discounted Volume Pricing: Receive discounts ranging from 10% to 30%.
  • Nationwide Standard Pricing: Always pay the same price no matter which state or country you receive services.
  • Centralized Dispatching and Billing: Access every Glass Doctor location by placing one call to one number and receiving one bill.
  • Real-Time Management Reporting: You will always know the status of your work requests. You can also view actual invoices in real time.
  • Dedicated Account Management: Your business will have one point of contact who knows you, your staff and your unique needs.
  • Priority Response: National Accounts get their needs met first. Pick your appointment so that it is convenient for your business.
  • After-Hours Emergency Services: Glass Doctor specialists at all 260 locations are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Contact Glass Doctor of Winchester today for more information about how your company can benefit from becoming a National Account.