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Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Wilmington, NC, is a leader in industry glass repair, replacement and new installation. No matter the nature of your business, our specialists can outfit your space with the highest quality of glass and provide premium care. Our clients can participate in the Commercial Care program, which offers such benefits as discounted emergency window board-up service, priority response after hours and membership pricing on work performed. No matter when you need our assistance, we're prepared to serve you!

Glass Care for Every Business

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor of Wilmington, NC, will outfit your apartments with the highest quality windows, sliding doors, mirrors and more. We easily repair or upgrade glass in your existing facilities. Ask our team to add safety glass to your pools and exercise rooms, or put customized mirrors in gym space, showers or locker rooms. We also offer a 15% discount on auto glass for residents of complexes or condominiums that employ our team!

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Let Glass Doctor of Wilmington, NC, assist you with the aesthetic appeal, security and ambiance of your restaurant. Our glass options not only enhance entrances and seating areas for your restaurant, but can also improve functionality of your food service areas. We install sliding drive-through windows, sneeze guards for a buffet or food line. Ask our team to put glass partitions between preparation and serving areas to separate the spaces. All of our glass is designed to be compatible with existing designs or adapted to your specifications for a new installation. 

Schools and Universities

Our glass windows, doors, one-way observation mirrors and customizable tabletops will fit perfectly in your campus buildings. Using the best techniques in industry we repair or replace your panes. Glass Doctor of Wilmington, NC, can transform an older school building into a safe and energy-efficient place of learning. Our services also accommodate student residence halls; we install custom mirrors, bathtub enclosures and shower doors.


Our extensive stock of glass will help you safely and elegantly display your products and storefront. Glass shelving, mirrors, partitions, decor and safety glass are all available and customizable for your space. For your security, we offer fire- and bullet-resistant glass. If your storefront or displays are damaged in any way, our industry glass repair specialists will assist you in no time. 

Hotels and Motels

Let Glass Doctor of Wilmington, NC, help your guests feel more luxurious with upgraded windows and decorative mirrors. We outfit bathrooms with the best quality sink and full-length mirrors, and a wide assortment of shower doors or bathtub frames. For your on-site gym or pool, our specialists can upgrade or install safety glass and mirrors to keep them looking spacious and functional. 

Cities and Municipalities

Glass Doctor of Wilmington, NC, will help you maintain or upgrade your public offices and facilities with commercial glass and doors, entryway repair or replacement and much more. Older buildings can be retrofitted with energy-efficient windows that give a fresh look and can reduce heating and cooling bills. Our shatterproof and fire-resistant glass will add another dimension of safety to any municipal building. Finally, we can expedite purchase orders to make upgrades as swift as possible.

Make sure we're included in your business plan! Count on our team to care for your business!