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Custom Glass Solutions

Custom home decor from Glass Doctor® of Wilmington, NC, adds a personalized touch to any space. Our team of experts specializes in custom projects large and small, including everything from tabletops to doors.

Glass Decor for Every Home

Tabletops and Shelving

Replacing a tabletop is a quick way to upgrade the look and feel of the piece without the expense of a new table. Our process starts with a consultation to determine your specific glass needs. Next, we discuss safety concerns, especially for families with small children. We offer both tempered and laminated glass, which protect children in the event of a broken tabletop. Finally, the specialists at Glass Doctor® of Wilmington, NC, customize your new tabletop with more than a dozen different edge options and shape designs.

Our custom shelving options create an air of sophistication in your home, while adding functional and practical space. The shelving is visually stunning; our tinting and coloring options are sure to find a match for your personal style.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are more than just a place to check your appearance; they add depth to a room and enhance custom home decor. Consult our team to learn how a well placed mirror or will completely transform the feel of your space.

French And Patio Doors

A door upgrade captures the eye and focuses attention on your custom home decor. Our experts design glass inserts that fit in almost any door. These inserts reflect your personal taste, and can change the entire look of your home. Our glass designs include:

  • Purely decorative and accent glass
  • All-weather outdoor glass
  • Energy efficient double-panes
  • Laminated glass rated to withstand hurricane force winds

In the event your glass ever becomes damaged or needs to be replaced, our relationship with local suppliers allows Glass Doctor® of Wilmington to repair your doors in no time.

Low-E Glass

Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is a popular and effective way to lower your home’s energy consumption. Using a thin metal coating to reflect direct sunlight, the windows can reduce the transmission of visible light by more than 10%. Reflected sunlight doesn’t raise the internal temperature of the home, which reduces your need to run an air conditioner.

The development of Low-E glass led to unintended benefits for consumers. Originally designed to increase energy efficiency by filtering out harmful UV rays, the Low-E glass actually proved useful in other ways. By blocking the ultraviolet light, the glass allows natural sunlight to enter the home, but stops the damage associated with direct sunlight. Fabrics and other home furnishings, like curtains or sofas, don’t fade or age prematurely when in a room that uses Low-E glass. Because the glass provides so many benefits for homeowners, the presence of Low-E glass in a home significantly raises the value of the home, and can make it easier to sell in the future.

Custom Glass Design Experts

Glass Doctor® of Wilmington, NC, will provide every type of glass you need to create and protect your custom home decor. Contact us today to speak with one of our custom glass specialists, and start designing.