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Clear Choice Protectant

Typically keeping your household surfaces looking their best requires hours of scrubbing with chemical cleaners. Glass Doctor® of Wilmington will treat surfaces throughout your home with Clear Choice™ protectant to reduce the time you spend scrubbing.

How Clear Choice Protectant Works

Our restorative glass treatment works to renew your tile, porcelain, glass or concrete bathroom surfaces. Our experts can apply the Clear Choice to the appropriate surfaces throughout your home. The easy-to-clean product allows your surfaces to shine like never before while protecting fixtures for up to five years after a single treatment.

Cleaning with Clear Choice Protectant

When there is minimal water and oil on your surfaces, you're less likely to have hard water and other waste products sit on your surfaces. As such, your surfaces are easier to clean, greatly reducing the amount of time you spend scrubbing. The glass treatment provides an ultra-smooth barrier to shield your treated surfaces from mineral deposits, hard water, weathering and environmental pollutants. Clear Choice shields the surface from a variety of common contaminants:

  • Hard water stains
  • Soap scum
  • Weathering from use
  • Potential mold or bacteria
  • Mineral deposits

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If you're ready to shield the surfaces in your home, reach out to our glass specialists for a consultation. Our glass experts can help you restore and refurbish any glass, tile or surface; see what other services we provide from our Wilmington location or call (910) 338-4703.