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Auto Window Tinting

If you're looking to add some sleek style to your vehicle, let the experts at Glass Doctor® of Wichita apply window tint to your auto glass. Don't settle for an imperfect, bubbled appearance when you apply window tint yourself. Instead, get a perfect, professional appearance when you choose Glass Doctor of Wichita.

A Better Driving Experience

Along with giving your car an updated look, window tinting offers a better driving experience for you and a more relaxing trip for your passengers. Harsh glare from the sun or reflections from other vehicles are no longer a safety problem, and passengers in rear seats will enjoy a bit of privacy on the road.

Plus, when you park your vehicle, all of your belongings are not on display for passers-by to inspect. On the warmest days, tinted windows will keep your car cooler so leather and vinyl upholstery won't burn your skin on sun-warmed seats.

Added Protection

When the interior of your car is exposed to extended hours of direct sunlight, upholstery will start to fade and solid surfaces like your dashboard and console will start to crack, peel and warp. When you block the sun with window tinting, you'll be adding years of beauty to your vehicle's interior.

Free Consultation

Visit the Glass Doctor of Wichita shop to discuss window tint with our professionals. We will inspect your glass and provide a no-obligation quote for materials and installation. To learn more about our auto glass care services or to request a consultation, call or schedule an appointment online today!