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Security Film

Glass serves a variety of practical purposes. It protects your building, your inventory and your employees from the elements. It helps maintain a comfortable indoor climate and control energy costs by reducing heat transmittance. It also acts as a safety barrier that prevents criminals from targeting your store. With so many important jobs, it can be easy to forget that glass also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your building. Glass Doctor® of Wichita provides security film application services that will add an attractive and functional tint to your existing windows.

Window tinting is a simple and inexpensive addition that can significantly increase customer and employee comfort while also reducing energy costs. Our security film is designed to let in natural sunlight without allowing too much heat to enter the building. This helps to create a more constant and comfortable indoor climate without making your air conditioner work overtime. The film also reduces glare prevents heat from escaping during the winter. 

Protect your Property

While you can't prevent thieves and criminals from attempting to enter you building, you can stall their efforts. Installing security film throughout your commercial building will limit how much exposure your building and your inventory has to the outside world. Glass Doctor of Wichita can even work with you to install darker tinting in certain areas that may be more vulnerable. The film also helps in the event of a break by making sure that your glass disperses into large sections that are safer and easier to clean up. Finally, if you are targeted by vandals who graffiti your windows, you can simply replace the film and be back in business in no time.

Window tinting* has actually been shown to improve worker productivity and create a more positive customer experience, which translates into greater profit for your business. By reducing the use of artificial lighting and relying more on natural sunlight, you can change your office environment and make it a warmer and more welcoming space to visit and work. Ultimately, shifting your focus away from artificial lighting will also reduce your energy costs and leave more money in your pocket each month.

You can enjoy all these benefits while also increasing the curb appeal of your building. Security film provides an attractive tinting that be customized to match the style and texture of your interior and exterior to create a cohesive look. Call today to speak with a Glass Doctor of Wichita specialist and schedule an appointment.

*Glass Doctor window tinting is not designed to protect against high winds or debris. Also, each state is has its own regulations regarding required levels of visible light transmission (VLT) and commercial window tinting.