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Home Window Tinting

The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Wichita recommend window tinting and security film as they offer a variety of benefits for your home, business and vehicle. As with all of our services, we keep the process simple, efficient and economical; and we perform the work with quality products and professional expertise.

Home Window Tint

Window tint and security film are important elements of any plan to upgrade your home's energy efficiency, safety, and attractiveness.

Tinting: Our professional window tint prevents UV rays from damaging and fading your home furnishings. It reduces your climate control costs by preventing the sun's heat from entering your home.

Security film: When glass breaks, security film keeps dangerous shards in place so they won't cause injury. It reinforces your windows, making it more difficult for outsiders to enter your home.

Decorative security film: When we apply decorative film to your showers, tabletops, windows and surfaces throughout your home, you'll see an instant transformation. Decorative security film comes in a range of patterns, colors and textures.

Commercial Window Tint

Security film reinforces commercial glass with a tinted or transparent layer of protection that enhances safety, security and building efficiency. It adheres to broken glass and prevents shards from causing injuries. It stops intruders from breaking through windows and gaining easy access to your business premises. Security film prevents UVA damage to your products and it lowers your operating costs by making your buildings more energy efficient.

Auto Window Tint

Window film protects your car the same way it protects your home or business. It provides a barrier that preserves fine upholstery by keeping out damaging UV rays. It keeps your car interior cooler and reduces your air conditioner's workload by minimizing the effects of heat and glare.

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Glass Doctor of Wichita has the right tinting and film solutions to protect your home, business and vehicle. To learn more about your options, visit our appointment page to schedule a consultation or call us at 316-749-2086.