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Emergency Business Glass Services

Broken glass windows or doors disrupt your business. Whether it’s the result of one of Kansas’ all-too-frequent storms, a break-in, vandalism or an accident, broken glass will negatively affect your bottom line if it’s not repaired or replaced very quickly. It gives customers a negative impression of your business and may even cause you to have to close until it’s repaired. You’re also vulnerable to break-ins and to the effects of rain, insects, or other additional damage. As a business owner, you can’t afford to wait to have your glass repaired. That’s why Glass Doctor® of Wichita is available 24/7 for commercial glass repair. Our emergency repair and replacement specialists will restore your glass when possible, and if a special pane replacement is needed, we’ll quickly board up the damage site to make sure your business is secure.

We know that businesses can’t afford to wait in case of emergency, so we offer a variety of programs designed to fix your panes as quickly as possible. Whether your business is a small family operation or you have an entire apartment complex to take care of, our programs will help you save time and money.

Fast Emergency Repairs

For the fastest possible service, enroll in our Advance Measurement system. This prepares your business in case of disaster, allowing us to respond with the glass you need immediately. Our specialists will create a diagram unique to your business, including all the glass that your business utilizes. In the event of an emergency, we can match the number on the diagram and immediately bring the exact glass you need. This will avoid the need for a board-up and a delay while we come and measure the door or window, order the glass and respond again to replace it. Establishing your credit and contact information before an emergency will also make the process go more quickly.

Contact Glass Doctor of Wichita today to make sure you’re prepared in case of an emergency with our Advance Measurement System. And if you have glass that is frequently damaged, consider joining our in-stock replacement program. We’ll keep the glass you need in stock to ensure a quick replacement when needed.

Commercial Care

Businesses also benefit from our Commercial Care program, which offers significant savings and even faster response times. You’ll receive the following:

  • Dedicated specialists assigned to your business
  • Priority response, even after hours, for commercial glass repair or replacement
  • Discounted services on all work, including emergency board-ups

Glass Doctor of Wichita will help repair or replace your business’ glass, whether you need emergency commercial glass repair or are planning upgraded windows, doors, and glass decor. Schedule an appointment today to help your business prepare for an emergency or to plan a renovation.