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Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors give you the flexibility to transform your home with small elegant touches. A custom mirror captures light to brighten dim corners. Mirrors open up shadowy hallways and add depth to small spaces. At Glass Doctor® of Wichita, our professionals offer a wide assortment of custom options to create mirror decor that adds beautiful functionality to every room in your home.

Decorate Every Space with Mirrors

Create the Illusions of Depth and Space

It's no secret that mirrors give you the power of illusion. They add depth and space by reflecting, enhancing and reproducing surrounding objects, furnishings, and walls. Our glass specialists make it easy for you to use the fascinating illusions of depth and space in ways you never imagined. The process is simple: We listen to your creative ideas, present custom options, and create custom unique mirrored decor with the look and functionality that works for you.

  • Open up your hallway with a mirror-tiled wall.
  • Create a living room a focal point with a bold statement mirror.
  • Brighten your kitchen with a mirrored backsplash.
  • Welcome your guests with an elegant entryway mirror.

Show off Your Collections

Mirrored decor offers beautiful options for displaying statuary, collectibles, and craft objects. We work with you to create custom mirrored shelves and presentation cases. You choose the perfect dimensions, weight, and edge treatments for shelves designed to showcase your cherished collections. We also create custom mirror arrangements that highlight and illuminate your framed art with natural light.

Capture Natural Light

Mirrors capture light and reflect it throughout your home. They brighten and enhance your surroundings and reduce your reliance on harsh artificial lighting. At Glass Doctor of Wichita, our glass specialists customize mirrors to meet your design expectations. We personalize mirrors for walls, tabletops, hallways and every space in your home. We make them unique by giving them the edges, shapes, tints and other custom options you prefer.

Mirrors Reflect Your Style

Mirrors allow you to make dramatic changes in your home with minimal effort. Whether you prefer a bold mirror in your bathroom, an elegant framed mirror in your dining room, or a contemporary floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall in your bedroom, we make the design process easy. You decide what you want. We present the decor options. Together we create mirrors that reflect your unique style.Call for Your Consultation

When you're ready to transform your home with custom mirror decor, we've got lots of ideas. To schedule a free in-home consultation, visit the Glass Doctor of Wichita appointment page or call us at 316-749-2086 for more information.