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Clear Choice Protectant

Your home is one of your greatest investments, so it makes sense to protect not only the structure, but the fixtures and surfaces, too. Whether inside or out, granite, marble, glass, mirrors, porcelain and other surfaces need protection from airborne contaminants and potentially harmful abrasives. Bathrooms and kitchens especially need clean surfaces. Glass Doctor® of Wichita recommends Clear Choice™ protectant for countertops, windows, sinks, toilets and many other surfaces. Clear Choice glass treatment protects those surfaces from abrasions, hard water stains, soap scum and bacteria.

The Professionals' Choice

Home improvement contractors and interior designers often request Clear Choice glass treatment as the final touch for new-home builds and remodeling projects. This clear, professionally applied application keeps your stone and glass surfaces scratch, stain and water-resistant. It's also easy to clean. That's why Glass Doctor of Wichita glass specialists recommend and apply this high-tech protective barrier for up to five years of protection.

Clear Choice Benefits Homeowners

Protecting our environment is important. Clear Choice glass treatment is safe for the ecology and promotes wellness in your home or office environment because it reduces surface mold and bacteria. Surfaces will not only be more hygienic for you and your family, they will also be stronger, need fewer cleanings and appear glossier and cleaner.

Clear Choice Benefits Auto Glass

In addition to protecting glass against wind-borne contaminants and abrasives, one application of Clear Choice to a vehicle's windshield makes driving safer and enhances visibility during snow and rainstorms. When Glass Doctor of Wichita repairs or replaces your car's windshield, a glass treatment with Clear Choice is included with every G12® Road Hazard Value Package.

Clear Choice glass treatment is only one of the services offered by Glass Doctor of Wichita. Homeowners and businesses in Sedgwick County and surrounding areas know they can trust the professionals at Glass Doctor of Wichita for the best service, timely turnaround and most affordable pricing possible. An onsite consultation is free, so call 316-749-2086 or contact us today to learn more about glass and mirror upgrades for your home. If you're building new or renovating this year, be sure to check out our Shower Door Gallery for exciting bathroom and spa decorating ideas!