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Clear Choice Protectant


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Glass Doctor® of Westchester & The Bronx Counties wants your glass to last. Consider adding our exclusive glass treatment to ensure your panes withstand years of use. When you bring in your vehicle or schedule glass service for your home or business, make sure you ask our glass specialists to add a layer of Clear Choice™ protectant to your panes.

Clear Choice Benefits Your Space

This innovative glass protectant adds a thin barrier between your glass and common sources of damage. As you finalize your custom bathroom plans or look for ways to upgrade your existing mirrors and glass doors, consider a coat of Clear Choice. This glass treatment will make it much easier to keep panes in their best condition longer.

Keep Your New Glass Glossy

After investing in a custom tub enclosure, shower doors or any other home glass installation, it's important to make sure your investment stays in great condition. Preserve the value, add durability and gloss to your glass by opting for a layer of extra protection during your installation. At Glass Doctor of Westchester & The Bronx Counties, we take pride in our custom installations, and we want them to stay shiny and smooth for years to come. One coat of Clear Choice will wick away water, soap scum, oil and other contaminants for up to five years.

Prevent Scratches and Stains on Multiple Surfaces

Clear Choice glass protectant also prevents surface damage and discoloration, by forming a smooth barrier that resists scratching and staining. This barrier actually works on any silica-based surface, such as tile, porcelain and granite. It's so effective that our specialists recommend complete protection for your whole home. Add this high-tech shield to your countertops, floors, walls and other surfaces to lengthen their lifespan and protect the value and style of your home.

Spend Less Time Scrubbing Your Glass

When you replace porous vinyl or tile with custom glass, you lower your maintenance needs while increasing light flow and style. However, some cleaning is still necessary to prevent moisture and mildew buildup, oil and soap scum residue, and other common signs of wear-and-tear. Fortunately, our Clear Choice glass treatment is designed to prevent most of these problems and make your life much easier. Because Clear Choice wicks away water and other substances, you may simply wipe down your glass when needed instead of scrubbing away at grime and residue.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Glass Budget

Clear Choice does more than save you time; our product spares the environment and saves you money. Clear Choice is a more environmentally friendly choice for your home because it reduces the number of harsh chemicals you'll need to keep your glass clean. When your glass requires fewer cleaning sessions, you don't need as many harsh cleaning agents. Of course, preserving your glass also prevents scratches, stains, and other damage that must be repaired professionally, reducing the need for future glass repairs.

Opt to Add Clear Choice Today

At Glass Doctor of Westchester & The Bronx Counties, we offer Clear Choice with every glass installation. Choose this exclusive glass treatment to complete your bathroom transformation and save time and money in the future. Contact us today to learn more!