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Windshield Repair

No matter how well you maintain your vehicle, a damaged windshield makes it unsafe to drive. A minor crack or chip in a key area obstructs your vision. If left unrepaired the damage spreads, causing bigger problems that diminish your vehicle's overall safety. At Glass Doctor® of Wenatchee, we understand that your windshield is critical to your safety on the road, so we offer windshield repair and replacement services that help keep you safe.

windsheild repair

Our glass specialists provide fast and friendly customer service. Our team makes onsite appointments, so you don't even need to drive to our shop for windshield repair. And if your windshield repair or replacement is due to an event that’s covered by your auto policy, we will help you file a claim with your insurance carrier

Determining your Service

A damaged windshield is a critical safety issue for your car, but replacement isn’t always necessary. As a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC), we fully understand the safety concerns involved in windshield care. When we restore your windshield it will meet the proper safety standards. Our glass specialist examines your vehicle and assesses the damage to determine if windshield repair is a better option for you.

We determine reparability based on the size of the damaged area, the location on your windshield and the length of time since the damage occurred. A chip that is less than 3/8 of an inch or a crack less than three inches is usually repairable unless it’s in a critical area of your windshield or is long-standing damage with dirt accumulation.

Windshield Repair in Wenatchee

When a windshield crack or chip is minor, Glass Doctor of Wenatchee repairs it. This economical service is also efficiently, usually requiring less than an hour to complete. After preparing your windshield, we use a special tool to inject resin into the damaged area. We allow the resin to cure, and then we polish it to a glossy shine. Our glass repair process keeps minor dings from becoming major damage and it offers these additional benefits:

  • Convenience: Our mobile unit comes to you to repairs your windshield. Ask us to stop by your office or home so your schedule isn't affected.
  • Economy: The repair process is less costly than replacing your windshield, even if your insurance doesn't cover your windshield repair service.
  • Insurance Savings: When you choose repair instead of replacement, your insurance company may waive your deductible for selecting a low-cost option.
  • Green Compliant: Windshields are difficult to recycle because of the materials used. Repairing your windshield instead of replacing it keeps glass debris out of landfills.

Windshield Replacement in Wenatchee

During an accident, your windshield contributes to your vehicle’s structural support and to passenger safety. When we replace your windshield, we work quickly and professionally, taking care to comply with Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS®) set by the AGSC.

  • We avoid corrosion and leakage issues by protecting your vehicle’s paint and bonding surfaces when we remove your damaged windshield.
  • We exclusively install original equipment manufacturer (OEM) windshield replacements.
  • We use AGSC approved adhesives, ensuring an airtight seal on every replacement.
  • We offer the G12® Road Hazard Guarantee to repair or replace your windshield if it’s damaged within 12 months.

Trust Our Expertise

When a cracked or chipped windshield creates a safety hazard for you and your passengers, Glass Doctor of Wenatchee provides the services you need. We quickly repair or replace your damaged windshield and get you back on the road. Call 509-293-6658 to make an appointment or for more information.