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Shower Door Installation

New glass shower doors and tub enclosures will make your bathroom look fresh and function better without the need for a major remodel. New bathroom glass instantly makes the bath look brighter, cleaner and more modern. It will also improve the daily experience of taking a shower or bathing. Glass Doctor® of Wenatchee offers everything from framed or frameless shower doors to customized decorative textured glass enclosures for your bathtub. Our skilled staff is here to make the design and installation process easy, fun and efficient for you. To help you envision and plan your new shower or tub enclosure, we will help you with the following important details:

  • Configuring your enclosure or shower doors: The composition of your bathroom walls (drywall or tile) and the location of the supporting wall studs help determine the maximum weight specification of glass that will work in your bathroom. Knowing this helps us set the parameters for the weight of the new glass doors and frame.
  • Choosing shower heads and fixtures: Logistics are important and we will help you select a shower head that won't spray water outside the enclosure if water is on when the door opens.
  • Taking measurements: To avoid inaccurate measurements that could interrupt the installation of your bathroom glass, just allow the specialists at Glass Doctor of Wenatchee to take the bathroom measurements for you. With this information, we can provide you an accurate upfront estimate for your new bathroom enclosures, including materials and installation costs.
  • Checking ventilation: Proper ventilation in your bathroom helps prevent moisture accumulation that leads to mold, peeling paint and even sheetrock damage. We will evaluate the airflow in your bathroom and, if necessary, suggests ways to improve your ventilation and your bathroom comfort.

Bathroom Improvement

Redesigning Your Bathroom: Shower Design Resources

Glass Doctor of Wenatchee invites you to browse these links to develop your bathroom design ideas and learn about your options:

When you’re ready to remodel your bathroom with glass, call Glass Doctor of Wenatchee for a personalized consultation at your home. Our glass designer and project manager will help you choose a glass tub enclosure or new shower doors to improve your bathroom's style and comfort. Call us today!