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Glass Table Tops

Add elegance to your Wenatchee home and revitalize the furniture you love with glass table tops. In addition to protecting your wooden furniture from everyday wear and tear with glass overlays, Glass Doctor® of Wenatchee installs glass table tops that can be customized to fit any style of furniture from antique to modern.

Our Personalized Service

Our highly experienced glass specialists will provide you with a personalized consultation to assist you in matching our wide range of glass options with your personal tastes. During our visit to your home or business, we’ll display all our glass options, particularly our fine edgework. We’ll also discuss your preference in glass thickness and tint. Our glass specialists will address any concerns you may have regarding glass safety during the consultation and discuss your safest options.

Custom Glass Table Tops

Our custom glass is an ideal solution for creating or protecting dining room and coffee tables, treasured antique furniture, writing and computer desks or conference tables.

Expanded Glass Options

Tinted glass: Our tinted glass not only helps block harmful UV rays from the sun, it prevents sun damage to your fine fabrics, rugs and other delicate interior items.

Safety glass: Patio tables and glass-topped poolside pieces require the extra strength safety glass provides against breakage or injury. Glass Doctor of Wenatchee offers you custom-fitted tempered or laminated glass table tops that help protect your family. We also use safety glass in our custom shower and tub enclosures.

Custom Glass Shelves

Graphic of different glass edges

Glass shelves are the perfect addition to your home decor, wherever your desire extra storage in your home. Since glass is naturally transparent, it blends seamlessly into any design style, from Victorian to sleek and modern. Open and airy, stylish glass shelving creates the illusion of space while serving as well-designed, yet efficient storage units.

Visual Appeal

Glass shelves create an eye-catching effect in any room. When tinted or etched glass is used, they become unique design elements, especially when featuring polished or custom-beveled edges.

Form and Function

Refine any room with attractive and functional glass shelves, an inspiring solution to interior design. Helping you choose the perfect glass shelving from our wide range of custom styles, finishes and mounting options is another specialty of ours. Some of the advantages glass shelves include:

Style and design: Custom shelves add airiness and interest to specific areas of your home

Height and configuration: Creating the perfect wall grouping will complement your decor

Number of shelves: Turn corners or entire walls into unique display features

Glass, tint and color options: A customized match for your personal preferences and home decor needs

At Glass Doctor of Wenatchee, our specialists understand the impact our glass designs can have on home decor. We provide all our clients with unmatched customer service and honest, upfront pricing so there are no unwelcome surprises after our custom work is complete.