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G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

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Few things in life are guaranteed. Thanks to Glass Doctor® of Wenatchee and the G12® Road Hazard Guarantee, your car, truck or SUV’s new windshield is one of them.

All customers who purchase the windshield replacement guarantee from Glass Doctor of Wenatchee have the opportunity for their windshield to be repaired for free over the course of the next year. If your windshield cracks or chips at any time within 12 months of the day it was replaced, specialists from Glass Doctor of Wenatchee will schedule a time for you to stop by and have the problem fixed.

Specialists always attempt to repair cracked and chipped windshields because it’s better for the environment, takes up less of your time and does not void the remaining time left on your guarantee. When repairing a windshield is not possible, specialists replace the damaged windshield and you are only charged for the labor, kit, molding and clips.

Upgrade your Windshield Protection

People who want an added level of protection for their windshields may purchase the G12 Future Installation Option, which covers the cost of labor, the kit, molding and clips as well as the replacement windshield. Or give your new windshield the ultimate protection with our G12 Value Package. You enjoy all the coverage of the other two packages along with an application to Clear Choice™ glass protection and new windshield wipers.

Every version of the G12 windshield replacement guarantee are among the few things in life that provide you with absolute assurance. Both come with industry leading terms and conditions:

  • Twelve months of guaranteed coverage
  • Claims may be made to the Glass Doctor of Wenatchee any time prior to the expiration date
  • The guarantee covers all normal road hazards
  • The repair or replacement will be made by highly trained specialists at the Glass Doctor of Wenatchee
  • Damage to your windshield that is the result of collisions, intentional acts, fraud or acts of God are excluded
  • The G12 windshield replacement guarantee is limited to cars, trucks and SUVs and excludes class A motorcoaches, buses and class 7 or 8 heavy duty trucks.

Take advantage of our guarantee and contact Glass Doctor of Wenatchee today.

Some exclusions may apply.