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Emergency Commercial Glass Repair

Don’t let broken glass interrupt your business and compromise your security. When you experience a broken door or window, call Glass Doctor® of Wenatchee and take advantage of our fast and comprehensive emergency commercial glass repair and replacement services. Our experts will secure your location, clean up any debris and install a glass solution 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Faster Emergency Repairs

The best way to enjoy fast and unbeatable service is to enroll in our Advance Measurement system. With this program, our specialists will visit your location and create a detailed diagram of your building and any glass surfaces. When you experience a break, all you have to do is call and report the corresponding number of the glass piece according to the diagram. A glass expert will instantly have the necessary product information and measurements to quickly complete a repair. We will match your needs against our extensive stock and replace your pane in just one visit. Our Advance Measurement system saves you both time and money and eliminates the need for an unattractive board-up. You can further expedite the process by pre-establishing your credit and contact information in preparation for future repairs.

When you work with Glass Doctor, there is no need to compromise your safety or lose out on business because your building is waiting for repairs. Be proactive and enroll in the Advance Measurement system today so that you can protect your staff and your business and experience the fastest repair times in the area. If you experience frequent damage, be sure to call and ask about our in-stock replacement program, which allows us to always have your glass on hand and ready to install.

Commercial Care

For even more protection, faster service and the absolute best in business emergency glass repair services, you can enroll in our Commercial Care program, which comes with a whole host of exclusive benefits that are designed to make it easy to keep your business up and running even in the event of emergencies.

As a member of the Glass Doctor of Wenatchee Commercial Care program, you will:

  • Top priority during after-hours response services
  • Commercial account setup
  • Attention of a skilled specialist who is wholly dedicated to your business
  • Save money with our special membership pricing

Additional Services

In addition to business emergency glass repair and replacement services, Glass Doctor of Wenatchee also offers a wide range of other specialized services. Contact us for all of your glass repair and replacement needs. Whether you need commercial services, vehicle windshield and glass repairs or home window upgrades, we have a specialist who can help solve your glass problems. Customers who are interested in custom pieces for tabletops, shelving, mirrors or partitions can also work with our design and installation team to create a unique solution.

Call Glass Doctor of Wenatchee today to discuss your needs and work with our team of skilled specialists.