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Custom Cut Glass

Custom cut glass from Glass Doctor® of Wenatchee will work magic in your home. Adding custom mirrors to any room reflects the available light, making rooms look larger and brighter. We will also help you bring a new look to your home furnishings with glass countertops, table tops, patio doors and custom-designed glass shelving.

Our team even offers glass to protect your home and possessions from damage and fading from the sun’s UV rays. Our window and door glass solutions also help make your home more energy efficient. Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows let in light and provide wonderful views of your exterior surroundings, without unwanted heat loss or heat gain from the outdoors. We offer full-service glass solutions for your home.

Custom Glass Table Tops and Shelves

Glass Doctor of Wenatchee offers free in-home consultations to outline your options and help you design your new windows, mirrors and glass surfaces. We offer tinting and coating options that provide energy efficiency, decorator touches and safety features for your household glass. Tempered or laminated glass will help prevent and control glass breakage, contributing to a safe home environment for your family.

Our professional glass specialists take precise measurements, then design and install new custom glass table tops for your dining table, coffee tables, end tables and more. Glass countertops and tabletops can take many unique shapes and be sized to fit your needs. Edges can be finished in a number of creative ways to complete the look for your new glass table surfaces and custom shelves.

Custom Mirrors

You don’t necessarily need to do major home remodeling or even add windows to let more light into your home. Custom mirrors are ideal for adding decorator touches to each room, while enhancing natural sunlight and indoor lighting. Create a feeling of spaciousness in formerly dark and cramped-feeling rooms to liven up your living areas conveniently, without breaking your budget.

Sliding Patio Doors and French Doors

Add a unique design element to your home that also improves curb appeal. Accent windows add visual interest to your entry when placed on either side of your front door. Take the opportunity to upgrade if glass breaks in your home. Glass Doctor of Wenatchee can replace your damaged glass with:

  • Energy-efficient tinted glass
  • Double-pane insulated windows
  • Decorative glass or side/accent window panes using frosted glass or etched glass
  • All-weather glass that more than meets building code requirements, safety standards and municipal regulations
  • Laminated hurricane-rated glass helps prevent dangerous flying shards of glass during intense weather

Low-E Glass Windows

Glass Doctor can help you lower your monthly energy costs with cost-effective low-emissivity (Low-E) windows. This reflective glass uses a metallic coating to help eliminate glare and block harmful UV radiation. Open the shades and enjoy the view whenever you like, without worrying about working your A/C overtime or fading your rugs. Low-E lets the light in but keeps the intense glare and heat out. Low-E glass will also improve your home’s resale value.

At Glass Doctor of Wenatchee, we know your time is valuable. We place priority orders with our specialty glass manufacturers to get the glass products needed for your home quickly and we will professionally install them for you. For more information about options for custom mirrors, shelving, decorative glass, windows and bespoke glass designs for your home, contact Glass Doctor of Wenatchee.