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Auto Glass Care

When your vehicle's glass becomes damaged or breaks, it's never a convenient time. That's why Glass Doctor® of Wenatchee offers fast, comprehensive auto glass repair and replacement services for virtually any automobile. From windshields and side view mirrors to back glass, our auto glass specialists have the experience needed to ensure your auto glass repair or replacement gets done with precision.

Windshield Care

If an incident on the road has left your windshield damaged in any way, getting the issue addressed immediately is integral to keeping both you and your passengers safe. The structural integrity of today's vehicles rely heavily upon the windshield for support and in crashes like front-end collisions or rollovers; having a strong windshield is vital to keeping everyone safe. If your windshield is chipped or cracked, our certified glass specialists will typically repair the issue in less than an hour. In most cases, insurance providers will be more than happy to cover the cost of repairs. Plus, Glass Doctor of Wenatchee will complete the paperwork, so you don't have to worry about it. Specialty instruments on your vehicle, such as rain sensors, radio antennas, humidity sensors or temperature gauges, will also be handled with care during the repair or windshield replacement service.

Glass Doctor of Wenatchee is proud to be a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council and we take great care to hire only the most highly trained glass specialists to perform auto glass repair or replacement.

Auto Glass Replacement in Wenatchee

Unlike laminated glass, tempered glass in vehicles is engineered to break apart into pieces that won't cause injury to you or passengers in the event of an accident or collision. If any of the tempered glass in your vehicle has become cracked or chipped, repair is not possible. Instead, replacing the glass immediately is a must. Glass Doctor of Wenatchee will perform the installation of new tempered glass in your car during a time frame that works best for your busy schedule. Typically, the portions of your car that are comprised of tempered glass include:

  • Sunroof
  • Passenger Windows
  • Back Windshield
  • Quarter Glass

Auto Glass Protection

Along with replacing your windshield or auto glass in a timely fashion, Glass Doctor of Wenatchee also provides a G12® Road Hazard Guarantee completely free to you. Or opt to increase your protection and sign up for our G12 Future Installation plan. The G12 Future Installation plan is a guarantee that your windshield will be fully protected for 12 months or we will install a new windshield free of charge. Additional services include brand new windshield wipers, lower labor costs and the option to have Clear Choice™ protectant applied to your windshield or vehicle windows. Our protectant will prevent environmental pollutants, mineral deposits or weathering from damaging your auto glass.

Schedule your consultation today and receive an accurate, up front price for the cost of your auto glass replacement, simply contact our auto glass specialists to learn more. Glass Doctor of Wenatchee works with all major auto insurance providers so you can save money, time and frustration.