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Clear Choice Protectant

Clear ChoiceTM is the perfect solution to enhance every hard surface in your bathroom. This hard surface treatment will improve the quality and durability of your most delicate surfaces, including your bathroom's countertop, windows, sink, toilet and tub. Glass Doctor® of Warren, MI, is an official provider of Clear Choice; our glass specialists will apply this surface treatment using professional methods that will last for years.

Protection for Your Investment

Clear Choice will make your glass, porcelain, tile and stone surfaces more robust. Our surface treatment will protect these materials from:

  • Scratches
  • Mineral deposits
  • Water damage
  • Environmental pollutants

Clear Choice shields your fixtures from everyday damage, which makes the finishes last longer.

Clear Benefits

Easy cleaning: Instead of relying on elbow grease to get rid of tough grime and stains, you will be able to wipe everything easily away. You won't have to worry about harsh cleaners either since Clear Choice acts as a solid barrier between your hard surface and everything else.

Sanitary surfaces: Germs collect and multiple throughout a day, maintaining a sanitary bathroom requires regular cleaning. Clear Choice actively resists the mold and bacteria that normally grows on your hard surfaces. This characteristic means that your bathroom will not only be easier to clean but remain fresh for longer periods.

Durable protection: Clear Choice is designed to make your life more convenient, not the other way around. That's why Clear Choice will last for years when you have a specialist from Glass Doctor of Warren, MI, provide you with a professional application of this hard surface treatment.

Invisible: Despite the fact that Clear Choice is a tough barrier that envelops your hard surface, you won't notice it. As the name suggests, Clear Choice is completely invisible!

Environmentally friendly: Clear Choice reduces your reliance on harsh chemical cleaning products. You won't need those types of cleaning agents when your home is protected with our surface treatment.

Protection Beyond the Bathroom

Although Clear Choice is commonly used as a hard surface treatment for the bathroom, it is effective for hard surfaces in any room in your house. Ask our team to apply the solution to countertops, glass fixtures, mirrors, stone floors and windows! A single treatment makes your home's hard surfaces more beautiful and cleaner. Call Glass Doctor of Warren, MI, today to schedule your Clear Choice application!