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Windshield Repair and Replacement

Glass Doctor® Heart of Texas, also serving Killeen, Temple and surrounding areas, is the qualified expert for windshield repair and replacement, promptly and economically. Our trained specialists can solve any auto glass problem and eliminate the potential safety risks before you drive further.

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Convenience for Our Customers

Our professional and prompt windshield specialists at Glass Doctor Heart of Texas will come to your location in specially equipped vehicles. They will evaluate the damage on your windshield and determine the best solution for your vehicle. Before any work is started, the specialist will provide an exact cost of windshield repair or replacement.

Windshield Repair

Glass Doctor Heart of Texas windshield specialists will quickly repair windshield chips and cracks before they become bigger problems. If repair is possible, the procedure should take less than one hour.

Our specialist considers three particular factors in deciding whether a repair is warranted or a replacement is needed. These factors are size, location and length of time since the damage occurred.

  • A chip that is larger than 3/8 inch or a crack that exceeds three inches and is spreading is usually not a candidate for windshield repair.
  • The location of the crack is critical in determining whether a windshield repair or replacement is warranted. If the crack is at the edge of the glass, repair may not be an option since spreading is more likely. Also if the crack is in the driver’s line of vision, a completed repair may still interfere with a clear view of the road ahead.
  • The time that has elapsed since the original damage can be a factor too. With continuing exposure, even the smallest crack can begin to fill with dirt and dust making effective repair impossible.

Windshield Replacement

Glass Doctor of Heart of Texas follows the stringent measures of the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) when installing replacement windshields. Any replacement windshield matches the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

The procedure for a windshield replacement is:

  • Damaged windshield is carefully removed.
  • Using only AGSC-approved adhesives, the new windshield is put in place.
  • One hour is required for the adhesive to dry and to allow the windshield to completely bond with the surrounding structure. The car may not be moved during this time.
  • A Glass Doctor specialist will review the G12 Road Hazard Guarantee with the owner. This warranty requires Glass Doctor to repair any cracks or chips that may occur during the subsequent 12 months. If the windshield cannot be repaired, Glass Doctor will replace it with a new one.

Insurance Claims

Glass Doctor Heart of Texas in Waco works with all insurance companies and will assist by filing insurance claims directly. Before filing a claim, the owner should first contact the insurance agent to determine if windshield repair or replacement is covered. Because of the lower cost of repair versus replacement, insurance companies often waive the deductible for repairing cracks and chips and pay for the repair in full.

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