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Heart of Texas

Emergency Business Glass Services

When your business suffers a glass-related emergency entrust your panes to the commercial glass repair experts at Glass Doctor® of Heart of Texas. We understand ensuring the safety of your staff, customers and business are top priorities. Our glass specialists offer rapid, professional emergency glass repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As part of our commercial glass repair services, we will board-up your business site if an immediate repair cannot be made. Custom measurement for all of your glass replacement needs will be taken. All of our specialists are qualified to expertly install all sizes and types of glass, no matter the application.

Faster Service Emergency Repairs

To speed up our already excellent emergency response process, take advantage of our Advance Measurement system, which ensures even more timely emergency service. Our commercial glass repair specialists will survey your entire building and take measurements of all glass panes in your storefront, windows, doors and other glassed panes.

A diagram of your business will be created, containing numbered records listing the types and sizes of glass used in each location. If some of your windows or doors require safety or specialty glass, then we will also record that information. These specifications will be maintained for reference purposes in the case of future damage.

If any of the glass in your location is damaged or broken, emergency service begins immediately when you contact Glass Doctor of Hear of Texas and report the location of the damage by referring to the corresponding number. We'll match the number against our in-stock glass options and if the glass is available, our experts will be able to replace the broken glass at once, saving you time, worry and the need for board-up services.

By participating in our Advance Measurement system, we’ll also have a record of your pertinent contact and credit information, further accelerating the replacement process.

Additional Services

If your business experiences frequent glass damage due to heavy weather, vandalism or theft, Glass Doctor of Heart of Texas also offers our business clients an in-stock replacement program. The program ensures we have extra, custom-sized or specialty glass on hand for even faster emergency service.

Commercial Care

Our Commercial Care program offers further assurances to ensure the safety and security of your business. Membership includes specific benefits to businesses in need of our services, whether on an occasional or regular basis. Glass Doctor of Heart of Texas designed this program to provide you with the following advantages:

  • Priority after-hours response to emergency service calls
  • Highly skilled commercial glass specialists dedicated to the safety and security of your business
  • Membership discounts on emergency board-up services
  • Commercial account setup and benefits
  • Membership pricing on all emergency and scheduled services

The business glass experts at Glass Doctor of Heart of Texas appreciate how important the safety and security of your business is to you and your staff, your customers and your community. Your entire range of commercial glass repair and replacement needs will be met with superior customer service and unsurpassed professionalism. Contact our specialists today for more information on our services, programs and for all of your commercial glass needs.