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Waco, TX

Window Sun Screens

Looking for low-cost ways to improve an older, inefficient home without major reconstruction? Window sun screens offer great bang for the buck and provide a simple solution to solar heat gain that could add up to as much as one-third of your home’s cooling costs.

What is a window sun screen?

Window sun screens, also called solar screens, replace conventional window screens and provide shading for the interior or your home without blocking views or reducing airflow.

Window screens offer an array of benefits the typical screen does not:

  • Window sun screens reduce glare.
  • They filter out UVA and UVB light, harmful rays that can harm your eyes and bleach-out furniture and other items in your home.
  • They provide additional privacy.
  • Like traditional screens, they keep insects outdoors where they belong.
  • Strong vinyl-coated polyesters utilized in their construction make them pet-resistant.
  • In the summer solar screens keep the interior of your home cooler, withholding 80-90 percent of the sun’s heat.
  • In the winter, they help your home maintain temperature.
  • Window sun screens significantly reduce energy costs, eventually paying for themselves.
  • They come in a variety of colors and styles, are fade and mildew resistant, and easy to maintain, requiring only the occasional cleaning with mild soap and water.

An inexpensive alternative to window replacement.

Window sun screens offer improved efficiency for a fraction of the cost and labor of window replacement, addressing thermal breaches created by old, inefficient windows and doors. Don’t be fooled, however, they aren’t just a solution for old windows. Window sun screens also provide additional protection for newer, energy efficient windows, further reducing thermal heat gain and loss, maximizing efficiency.

Choosing the right window sun screens for your home.

To ensure the right solar screen for your home, be sure to discuss the following needs with your Glass Doctor® specialist:

  • How much heat blockage would you like from your window sun screen?
  • How much light would you like to enter your home?
  • What degree of privacy are you looking for?
  • Do you have any color preferences in regards to the screens effect on the exterior ambiance of your home?

Don’t have time to wait for that tiny oak tree to provide the shade you’re home needs? Contact Glass Doctor today for more information on the perfect window sun screens for your home. Our specialists have what it takes to doctor not just your glass, but your screens as well. Contact us today for an estimate.