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Door Closer Repair Service

A new customer starts forming an impression of a business as soon as he walks through the door. Before he's even talked to a receptionist or sat down in a meeting with a client, he's already decided, often unconsciously, how he feels about a company. Keeping your door working properly goes a long way toward making a great first impression. Glass Doctor® of The Victor Valley offers manual door closer repair and maintenance services to guarantee safety for commercial doors and the employees and customers who use them.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers let individuals open doors with ease and don't require them to close the doors physically. When a door closer is installed properly, a user will feel mild resistance after opening the door, giving him a feel for the weight of the door. After this initial resistance, the door glides open smoothly. When a user quits applying resistance, the door closer's spring makes the mechanism's arm close carefully until the door returns to its original position.

Door Closer Repair

Improper Types of Door Closers

A heavy door needs a strong door closer with solid springs. When a door has the wrong type of closer, there is a greater risk of injury to door users as well as a greater risk of misalignment or damage to the closer or the door, which can result in a costly door closer repair.

Incorrectly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

Glass Doctor of The Victor Valley specialists use the proper tools for installing and maintaining door closers to extend their lifespan and to ensure they remain in top working order. When you hire an experienced, reputable door specialist for a door installation or door closer repair, you greatly reduce the risk of misalignment, doorframe damage and unusual or unexpected door movements.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Broken door seals leave hardware susceptible to damage; expose clearance gaps, making commercial buildings draftier; and may lead to lubricant leaks. Typically an oil leak points to a mechanical issue with a door closer, such as failed seals, a missing screw or broken O-rings. You should always hire a professional door repairman to replace the door closer oil. Without ample lubrication, the door may open or close too rapidly, which can lead to door damage and user injuries.

Door is Difficult to Lock

Doors that don't lock properly pose a security risk, which you can't afford to take with your business. A door with an ill-fitting lock may also compromise the door closer, doorframe or locking mechanism.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

When your door closer is under warranty, hire a Glass Doctor of The Victor Valley specialist for your door closer repair. Using a specialist won’t void the contract. Our door specialists have extensive knowledge of and experience with installing, maintaining and repairing door closers. Using our door closer repair and maintenance program ensures your door components remain in good working condition, keeping your employees and customers safe. Our specialists also have comprehensive training with glass repairs, doorframes, thresholds, hinges and other door hardware.

To learn more about Glass Doctor of The Victor Valley and our door closer repair services or to schedule an on-site consultation, call 760-983-2197.