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Clear Choice Protectant

Turn your bathroom into the pride of your home without spending hours scrubbing. Clear Choice™ treatment from Glass Doctor® of Six Flags will protect your countertops, tub enclosure and windows, while making them shine. A single application of our glass treatment lasts up to five years and provides you with numerous benefits.

The Benefits of Treatment

Reduced Cleaning

By creating a barrier against water and oils, fixtures treated with Clear Choice remain clean for longer. This means less home upkeep to make your home look its best. Never again spend hours in the bathroom polishing just to make surfaces presentable, a quick wipe of the cloth and the room will look stunning.

Environmentally Friendly

Clear Choice reduces mold and mildew growth, reducing your reliance on harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment and for your health. Plus, the glass treatment itself is eco-friendly. Homeowners with small children and pets find these benefit gives the great peace of mind.

Protect Your Investment

Soap scum, waste products, and mineral deposits can all irreversibly damage surfaces with scratches and stains. Keep a new investment safe from the start with an application of our patented product. Ask about Clear Choice when our specialists install your new shower door.

Restore an Existing Feature

Instead of replacing fixtures, refresh appearances and save money with our glass protectant. Instantly create a smooth sheen on any silica-based surface in your home. Clear Choice creates a barrier to protect against impact and etching caused by environmental pollutants, hard water and other substances. It is suitable for any surface made from granite, porcelain, and tile as well as glass.

Only qualified specialists can apply Clear Choice glass treatment. Contact Glass Doctor of Six Flags for a free in-home consultation to discuss how our glass treatment will transform your space and to schedule an appointment for the application of our product at a time that suits you.