G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

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When Glass Doctor® of Victoria, BC replaces your windshield, keeping you safe is our primary goal. Our glass specialists restore your windshield's structural integrity and visual clarity as they are critical to your safety on the road. We install only quality replacement parts and comply with the high standards established by the Auto Safety Glass Council™ (AGSC.) When you drive away with your new windshield, you have our G12® windshield replacement guarantee as an added layer of protection.

G12 Windshield Guarantee Options

Our Basic Guarantee

The G12 Road Hazard Guarantee is free of charge when you have a new windshield installed at Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC. We promise to repair your windshield if it's damaged by a road hazard within 12 months of the original replacement date.

Second Level Protection

Your basic guarantee covers windshield repair or replacement glass only. For a nominal charge, the G12 Future Installation Option upgrades your guarantee to include the cost of installation labour and materials.

Upgraded Protection

The G12 Value Package upgrade has all benefits of the other windshield guarantee options plus we install a pair of wiper blades and enhance your windshield with Clear Choice glass protectant. One coat of our glass treatment improves windshield clarity, adds scratch resistance, and shields your windshield from pollutants and other contaminants.

G12 Guarantee Coverage Guidelines

These important guidelines apply.

  • We will replace your windshield once during the 12-month guarantee period.
  • Guarantee repairs must be completed by a Glass Doctor location; the original store must be notified of any work.
  • Guarantee claims must be submitted before the one-year expiration date.
  • We cover damage due to road hazards only.
  • We have the option to use our repair process if it restores your windshield's safely and integrity.
  • If we choose the repair option, your G12 Guarantee continues for the full 12 months.
  • The basic guarantee does not cover the costs of labour kit, clips, and molding.

G12 Exclusions

  • We do not cover damage due to collision, vandalism, intentional acts, fraud or acts of God.
  • The G12 guarantee does not apply to Class A motorcoaches and buses or heavy-duty Class seven or eight trucks.

We'll Keep You Safe

At Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC, our specialists install quality glass products. We perform the work professionally and give you the added protection of our G12 Road Hazard windshield replacement guarantee because we want you to be safe. Contact us at 250-483-1104 to learn more about our G12 Guarantees or visit our appointment page to schedule your windshield replacement or repair.

Some exclusions may apply.