Clear Choice Protectant

No one wants to spend any more time than they have to scrubbing washroom surfaces. Unfortunately, soap scum, hard water stains and other build-up make it feel like a never-ending job. Instead of spending hours on your hands and knees engaged in back breaking cleaning, ask Glass Doctor® of Victoria for help. Our Clear Choice™ protectant uses a simple formula to help make your shower doors, tubs, windows, sinks, toilets and other surfaces both water and oil repellent. Clear Choice will do most of the work to keep your washroom clean and looking great.

The Benefits of Treatment

We help our customer create the washroom of their dreams and use the right glass treatment to protect their investment. With one application of Clear Choice, you can help prevent scratches and stains to keep your washroom surfaces looking like new for years to come. In fact, one coat of protectant can last up to five years. It works by creating a smooth barrier that repels and protects against common problems like environmental pollutants, weathering, and regular wear and tear. With Clear Choice, you can spend less time using harsh chemical cleaners while also experiencing better results. A simple and affordable glass treatment will save every homeowner time and money. If you would like to spend less time cleaning your washroom while also reducing the presence of mould and bacteria, call Glass Doctor of Victoria today. Clear Choice is an environmentally friendly product that is safe to use around your family and will give all your washroom surfaces a glossy appearance. By investing in your home now, you save hours of cleaning time, avoid having to purchase cleaners and enjoy a beautiful washroom.

Treat Your Glass Today

Be sure to ask for an application of Clear Choice when you order a new tub or shower enclosure from Glass Doctor of Victoria. We will finish any renovation with the addition Clear Choice to your existing surfaces. Call to schedule a free in-home consultation. A friendly and knowledgeable representative will come to your home, answer all your questions and provide you with an accurate quote.