How Proper Windows Help Against Outside Allergies...

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Allergy sufferers will find relief this spring with double pane windows made to keep seasonal allergies under control. As the spring and summer months approach, individuals in the Victoria area are greeted with budding flowers, blossoming trees and warmer air. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, however, those developments are also often accompanied by itchy eyes, sneezing and congestion that make welcoming the new season nearly unbearable. Glass Doctor® of Victoria offers the products you need to help nip those bothersome symptoms in the bud.

A Pane of Protection

Many Victoria residents retreat inside their homes to block out the effects of irritating allergens this time of year, but unfortunately, their efforts might not be enough. Damaged, substandard or single pane windows simply don't offer the protection needed to reduce exposure to allergy triggers.


Unlike a double pane window, which is designed to reduce the occurrence of mould growth, a single pane window allows condensation to build up on the interior of your pane, creating an excellent habitat for one of your worst allergy triggers. Even substandard double pane windows, or those that are in disrepair, are susceptible. Leaky seals, damaged panes and windows with malfunctioning closures often enable the transfer of mould-loving moisture.


The temperature isn't the only thing that begins to soar as the spring and summer months approach. Pollen will cause your allergies to flare up, especially during the early morning hours. While closing your windows and doors might seem like the most obvious solution to prevent your home from being invaded, doing so might not be as effective as you think. If your panes are broken, seals are damaged, or windows and doors are not closing properly, that warm breeze isn't the only thing that could be getting inside.

Keep Your Allergies At Bay

Allergy symptoms are not only aggravating, they can make you miserable all season long. Fortunately, the double pane window specialists at Glass Doctor of Victoria understand your panes. If you notice condensation build-up on the interior of your windows, see mould growth, feel the transfer of air, or notice damaged panes or seals, give our experts a call today. We have the double pane window solutions needed to reduce your exposure to pesky moulds and pollen and help keep your allergy symptoms at bay.