Automotive Glass Safety and You

Your vehicle's safety is directly related to the quality of your glass. The type of glass in your vehicle's windshield and windows determines how it will behave when struck in an accident. But more importantly than that, your auto glass needs to be free of any cracks or chips. Not only can these impair a driver's vision or distract them, but the quality of your vehicle's glass is important to its structural integrity. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Victoria can help ensure you and your passenger's safety by performing inspections on your automotive glass.

Windshield Glass

Windshield glass is typically made of laminated glass. This glass is carefully designed with an "interlayer" of clear vinyl between two or more sheets of glass. If the glass is struck, this vinyl interlayer holds the glass together. And if a small object such as a rock strikes your windshield, it's likely that only the outer layer will be broken. All of this means there's a much smaller chance of dangerous loose shards during an accident.

Side and Rear Glass

The glass in your vehicle's side and rear windows is made from tempered glass. Tempered glass is made by heating the glass to more than 590° C, then immediately cooling it. This changes the chemical makeup of the glass, so it's far stronger than ordinary glass with a comparable thickness. If tempered glass breaks, it crumbles into large blunt chunks. These are far safer than the sharp dangerous shards created when ordinary glass breaks.

Glass Doctor of Victoria provides vital auto glass care services to protect you and your passengers. For the sake of your wallet and the environment, we strive to repair any damaged glass in your vehicle. When we must replace your glass, we do so using adhesives and techniques that meet all auto glass care standards. Whether we repair or replace your vehicle's glass, the result is strong, tough glass with crystal clarity. Trust us to handle your auto glass care needs, and know that you and your passengers are safe.