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Pane Improvements on a Large Scale

If you own a business, you already know that one of the first things your customers notice is the quality of your glass. In addition to beautiful display cases and charming mirrors, installing large, beautiful, energy-efficient windows is one of the best ways to draw your customers' attention. Plus, these windows greatly reduce your energy bill and your impact on the environment. Replacing all your windows with energy-efficient glass may seem expensive to you, but Glass Doctor® of Victoria-BC will work with you to find a price that fits your budget, and over time you'll see a remarkable change in your business' overhead costs.

What Customers Want

Everybody knows hotel amenities like comfortable beds, complementary coffee and wake-up calls are vital. But you may not know that your guests greatly value the quality of the view out the window. A big, picture window is the best way to show a beautiful view. However, these gorgeous windows kill a hotel room's energy efficiency, ratcheting up your hotel's operating costs.

That's why more hotels are replacing their old, worn-out windows with more energy-efficient models. Energy-efficient windows, as well as environmentally friendly options like window tint, add value to a room while greatly increasing its comfort -- vital to any hotel. And it's not just hotels that are benefiting from energy-efficient windows. For instance, by choosing window tint and other green options for hospital rooms, administrators are greatly reducing energy costs while keeping glaring sunlight out of patients' eyes. Patients can rest and recuperate in a dimly-lit, cool, comfortable room.

Energy-Efficient Options

By adding energy-efficient windows to your building, you'll greatly reduce your energy costs. We offer several options to make your business' glass more energy efficient. For example, low-emissivity (Low-E) windows are treated with a thin metallic coating that cuts down on glare and reduces UV rays while only cutting down on about 10% of visible light. And window tint cuts down on visible light transmission, to reduce heat gain and protect furniture and fabric from UV damage over time. Contact Glass Doctor of Victoria-BC to learn more about more ways to reduce your energy costs and protect your assets from UV damage, while dazzling your customers.