Childproof Your Home for Summer

Summer is the best time to examine your home's childproofing needs. Even older children are at risk of accidental injury around the home, but there are steps that you can take to keep them safe, even when you are unable to watch them directly.

Glass Doctor® of Victoria provides several services that can help you make your home safe for the summer holidays.

Tempered Glass

Glass doors and surfaces are potential safety hazards for children. If the glass breaks, shards can cause deep cuts or serious puncture wounds that may require stitches. Estimates from Harvard Gazette predict more than 20,000 injuries a year occur from glass related injuries in the home.

Glass Doctor of Victoria offers tempered glass constructions that eliminate many glass safety hazards. Unlike regular glass, tempered glass breaks into tiny chunks upon impact. The smaller pieces are far less likely to cause cuts or other injuries, because there are fewer sharp edges than traditional glass. Tempered glass is such a safety improvement over traditional glass, that it is required in all modern auto glass.

Tempered glass is available for almost any glass surface in your home. An upgrade of the exterior doors reduces the most obvious hazard, but you will also want to consider replacing old glass shelves or tabletops with tempered glass when you are childproofing your home.

Clear Choice™ Protectant

A glass shower door is a sophisticated upgrade to your bathroom, but it may require some childproofing to maintain its appearance. Over time, hard water stains and mildew change the color of the glass from a clear sparkle to a dull yellow, unless you spend time scrubbing the glass clean. Incidental damage from scrapes and dings may also cause the glass to look old or prematurely worn.

When you order a Clear Choice glass treatment from Glass Doctor of Victoria, you add a layer of protection for the glass surfaces in your bathroom that will protect the appearance and value of the glass. The treatment prevents the buildup of bacteria and oils on the glass that lead to discoloration, and makes the glass much easier to clean. Your Clear Choice glass treatment also childproofs your home by preventing most incidental damage from scratching or bumping the glass surface.

From the installation of new, safer materials to a glass treatment that can prevent damage before it happens, our services at Glass Doctor of Victoria help you achieve your home safety goals.

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