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Shower Door Installation

At Glass Doctor® of Vancouver, WA, we love bringing dream bathrooms to life. Whether your tub is too plain, your shower door is outdated, or you just need a little luxury in your daily routine, we can help. From a home spa with a glass-framed tub with decorative tile to a frameless shower enclosure, the possibilities are endless.

Evaluate Your Bathroom

Before you upgrade your bathroom, our glass specialists survey what it needs. The following factors may affect the glass, fixtures and other customization options available to you:

  • Wall construction: To see how much weight your walls support, we locate the support studs and tell you if they're made of drywall.
  • Layout: Proper shower head placement and model type is crucial. You don’t want water to spray out when the shower door is open.
  • Measurements: During your consultation, a specialist will take precise measurements to make a fair and accurate estimate.
  • Ventilation: If moisture has nowhere to go in your fully tiled bathroom, prevent peeling paint and mold with our steam room kit. Glass Doctor of Vancouver provides thorough ventilation checks to ensure that your shower is positioned to allow enough moisture out to prevent the growth of mold if your bathroom is not fully tiled.

Bathroom Improvement

Customize Your Shower

Let inspiration strike with our shower door galleries. Browse dozens of examples of glass shower doors and enclosures, then choose from a variety of different glass pattern and color options to increase both privacy and originality. If you're still short on ideas, browse our exclusive bathroom-remodeling guide to spark your creativity.

After we know exactly what you need and want from your shower door or enclosure, ordering and installation is the easy part. It usually takes between 10 and 15 days to receive the glass and parts from our trusted, world-class vendors and we'll install it all in less than a day.

Protect Your Investment

After installation, make sure your bathroom sparkles for years to come. Instead of scrubbing for hours or spraying harsh chemical cleaners, opt for a layer of Clear Choice™ protectant. This patented sealant is a barrier against scratches, stains, mineral deposits, mold and bacteria, hard water etching, pollutants and more.