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Headlight Restoration & Repair

Considering the wear your headlights experience, it's easy to understand why your lenses become dull, scratched or clouded over time. Bright headlights are essential to safe driving. When your headlights dim, seek professional assistance to restore their performance. Glass Doctor® of Vancouver, WA offers outstanding headlight restoration services for your RV, car, truck or SUV.

Picture of foggy headlights before and after

Headlight Restoration System

Inclement weather like heavy snow, sleet, rain and dust will cause headlights to fade. Although replacing your headlights will restore your safety, it is expensive. Glass Doctor of Vancouver provides a Headlight Lens Restoration System that will restore the clarity of your headlights, fix chips or cracks, and clear the haze on the lens. Rehabilitating your headlights will save you the cost of replacement without compromising your safety.

Aside from vehicle headlights, our Headlight Lens Restoration System extends to:

  • Marine windows
  • Aviation windows
  • Motorcycle shields
  • Aquariums

Glass Doctor of Vancouver, WA will complete acrylic glass repair quickly and efficiently. Ask our specialists about our Headlight Lens Restoration System to learn more. Call us today or complete a quick service request online today. Our team will perform acrylic headlight restoration and replacement during a time frame that works best for you.