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Emergency Commercial Glass Repair

Broken window or door glass is a major disruption to your business. Not only does this make it difficult for you to operate during business hours, but it also compromises the safety of your facilities when you are closed. Restoring the security of your building should be a priority; that is why our team at Glass Doctor® of Vancouver, WA provides efficient 24/7 business emergency glass repair services. This service includes a complete repair of the glass site. If specialty panes are required we seal the damaged window, door, mirror or other glass until permanent repairs can be made.

Faster Emergency Glass Repair

To further enhance the efficiency of our business emergency glass repair services, we suggest enrolling in our Advance Measurement system. When you enroll in coverage, our glass specialists will pay a visit to your business and create a detailed diagram of your building's glass fixtures. This way, whenever any glass in your business is damaged, all you have to do is give us a call and report where the damage is based on the number that is assigned to the pane. Our in-stock program will ensure that we always have the extra glass you need available.

With this knowledge, we can quickly obtain the replacement glass you need. Keeping your glass on-hand allows our team to complete all of your repair needs in a single visit, rather than ordering the specific pane. If we must order the glass, we will rush the delivery and board up the area until installation can be completed. We will also keep your payment information on file to further expedite the glass repair process.

Loyal Customer Benefits

In order to save your business time and money, we provide our Commercial Care program. This program delivers a bounty of benefits to loyal commercial customers, including discounted services, priority emergency repair response and scheduling, commercial account setup and faster fleet service.

Don't Allow Damaged Glass to Harm Your Business

Reduce the amount of time that broken glass compromises your company's security and ability to operate. Sign up for our exclusive business programs today!