Door Closers

Keeping your front door operating as it should is a top priority. Not only is it the entrance to your establishment, is is the weakest security point. A good door closer and well-maintained lock can keep your shop in good shape. Invest in quality door closer care to give a good impression to every customer who visits your business. Glass Doctor® of Vancouver, WA offers manual door closer repair and comprehensive preventative maintenance services to keep your Vancouver business running smoothly day and night.

How Door Closers Operate

A manual door closer works by allowing doors to open with minimal force and close without any assistance. When properly installed, a door closer should create some resistance as a customer opens the door; once a customer pushes hard enough, the door should open with ease. After the force is lifted, a spring in the door closer is activated to return the door to rest in the door frame.

Door Closer Repair

There are a variety of ways a door closer may fail. The Glass Doctor of Vancouver, WA team is prepared to repair or replace every piece of your door closer. Trust our team with your repair; we guarantee we will restore your entryway. Common door closer issues are:

Incorrect types of door closers: The larger a door, the stronger the door closer must be. Installing the wrong door closer poses a number of safety hazards and will lead to misalignments or damage to the door itself.

Improperly installed and adjusted door closers: Glass Doctor of Vancouver, WA has the resources and experience needed to ensure your door closers are in top working condition at all times. Our specialists will perform preventative maintenance to extend the lifespan of your door closers considerably. Trust in our professional specialists to install your door closer to prevent issues such as:

  • Misalignents
  • Low oil or seal repair
  • Strange, abrupt door movements
  • Damage to the doorframe

A broken seal in a door closer will leave sensitive hardware open to the elements and potentially lead to lubricant leaks. An oil leak is often caused by a missing screw, broken O-rings or failed seals. Always hire an experienced professional to replace the oil in a door closer.

Difficult to lock doorways: We will also ensure your space is safe from enterprising thieve by checking locking mechanisms. Don't let a damaged lock go on for too long. A door that is difficult to lock not only undermines the security of your business but also causes damage to the door.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

If you require door closer repair care, be careful not to void the warranty of your door closer by hiring an inexperienced individual. Glass Doctor of Vancouver, WA has years of combined experience working with door closers of every kind and size. Our comprehensive door closer repair and maintenance program aims to keep your business moving smoothly. Trust in our experience and training!

Aside from door closer care, our specialists will also assist with glass repairs, doorframes, thresholds, hinges and hardware components. Contact Glass Doctor of Vancouver, WA over the phone today or fill out a quick service request online. Our specialists are happy to provide a free on-site consultation.