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Custom Cut Glass

Few things can light up a home and capture the attention of visitors like custom cutglass. It is a beautiful reflection of your taste and commitment to style in your home. Glass Doctor® of Vancouver, WA gives homeowners the opportunity to customize glass home decor items such as shelves, tabletops, mirrors, sliding glass doors and French doors. You can expect more than high-quality products; we take great pride in our installation and customer service.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Glass Doctor of Vancouver, WA will measure, design and cut glass tabletops for your existing table or a new piece. Designing your own tabletops allows for your furniture to truly reflect your personal taste. Use any kind of shape or size, and with edging as decorative as your imagination will allow. Tinting is another way to personalize your glass tabletop, and its thickness can be customized according to planned usage and whatever safety concerns you may have. Glass Doctor of Vancouver, WA provides custom glass home decor ideas for homeowners hoping to reflect their style and personality in every piece.

Custom Mirrors

Allow our glass specialists to advise you on how to create your original pieces today! You can expect more than high-quality products; we take great pride in our installation and customer service.

Patio and French Doors

If you already have glass doors installed in your home and they have sustained any kind of damage, we can repair or replace the glass panes. Or ask our specialist about renovating your entryways with door glass and matching side windows. Available glass insert options include double-pane glass, decorative glass and all-weather glass that will withstand the most severe weather.

Low-E Glass Windows

If you're unfamiliar with the characteristics of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, windows featuring this type of glass act like sunglasses for your home. This kind of coating on glass windows has the double appeal of being energy-efficient and protective of the interior furnishings. These windows have a thin metallic coating that resists ultraviolet light and prevent the damage that it can cause. This reduces fading and discoloration to furniture, draperies, carpets and sofas. These panes also reduce energy costs by reflecting the sun's hottest rays.