Door Closer Repair Service in Valdosta, GA

Customers begin forming impressions from the moment that they walk through the door. Ensure their first impression of your business is a good one with functioning doors. If your doors do not seem to be closing correctly or you want to update your door system, Glass Doctor® of Valdosta and North Florida, GA provides manual door closer repair and maintenance services.

The Function of Door Closers

Obtaining help for your door closer repair needs begins with an understanding of how these devices work. When a customer opens a commercial door equipped with a manual door closer, he or she feels some resistance. Shortly after feeling this resistance, the door glides open because the spring in the door closer causes the closer's arm to close gently while it returns to the frame. This allows customers to open the door easily while not having to physically close the door.

Common Causes for Repair

Even if you have door closers installed at your business, they require periodic maintenance. Some of the most common causes for door closer repair include:

Incorrect Door Closers

The manual door closer should match the type of door. For example, heavy doors require closers equipped with strong springs. If the wrong type of closer is installed, it will cause the door to be misaligned which may ultimately damage the door. Additionally, the door may close suddenly, posing a safety risk to your customers.

Improperly Installment

Individuals who do not have the requisite training to properly install door closers may incorrectly install them. Improperly installed closers can lead to:

  • Misalignments
  • Damage to the doorframe
  • Unexpected door movements

Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience to install door closers in a manner that maximizes their lifespan and keeps them in good working order.

Seal Repairs

Seals may break due to weather and other environmental conditions, as well as due to the age of the closer. A broken seal makes hardware vulnerable, creates clearance gaps and cause make lubricant leaks.

Oil Leaks

Door closers contain a small amount of oil in them. Sometimes a missing screw, broken O-ring or failed seal causes a lubricant leak, potentially placing employees and customers at risk if the door opens or closes too quickly.

Door Closer Maintenance

Door closers often come with warranties, but business owners can void them by having an untrained person complete repairs. Our glass specialists are knowledgeable about door closers and will put this knowledge to work for you. We provide assistance with door components, door frames, hinges and other hardware.If you would like more information about our door closer repair and maintenance services, contact one of our highly skilled glass specialists from Glass Doctor of Valdosta and North Florida, GAschedule an onsite consultation.