Custom Mirrors in Valdosta,GA

With the simple addition of custom mirrors, it is possible to improve the appearance of any room in your house without an expensive and time-consuming remodel. Beyond enhancing aesthetics, mirrors perform a variety of functions. Our specialists at Glass Doctor® of Valdosta and North Florida, GA will advise you on the right type of custom mirrors to benefit your home, match your style, and create a welcoming feel in any setting. We carry out every stage of the work, beginning by working with you to develop a design, then cutting the glass, and finally installing your custom mirrors for you.

Mirrors for Increasing Sense of Space

Few decorative options are better at creating the illusion of spaciousness than custom mirrors. With the correct placement, a mirror will reflect natural or artificial light and increase the sense of depth in a small space. This is ideal for cramped hallways or rooms that currently feel uninviting. Top options for this purpose include entire mirrored walls and tiled backsplashes for the kitchen.

Mirrors for Drawing Attention to Artwork

Ensure all eyes are on your most prized possessions with the help of custom mirrors. At Glass Doctor of Valdosta and North Florida, GA, we will cut you a mirror with a tint and edge that best complements your collectibles, antiques, or sculptures. For small items, a mirrored shelf allows a view of objects from every angle. Large pieces work well with hanging mirrors positioned to send light in their direction. For framed art or photographs, consider a mirror on the opposite wall.

Mirrors for Enhancing Light

A mirror can bring light into the darkest corner. Statement mirrors above a headboard or fireplace can reflect light from a window, whereas a mounted mirror near a lamp or another source is ideal for improving light levels in the evenings. You can even improve light in your dining room with a mirrored tabletop or framed mirror that also accentuates the style of your home.

Decorative Mirrors

A stunning custom mirror will do any of the above and brighten up your home in its own right. Top choices for decorative mirrors include full-length glass for bedrooms and stylish mirrors in bathrooms. In all cases, our specialists will support you in choosing the finish and frame best for your personal tastes and home architecture.

Bring any of the above benefits to your home by starting the design process for a custom mirror. Contact Glass Doctor of Valdosta, GA for an in-home consultation.