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Custom Glass Solutions

Custom glass adds dramatic details to any home. Glass Doctor® of Tyler professionals are trained to assist with selecting options to enhance your home decor. We’re here to provide custom glass solutions for everything from tabletops to patio doors. At the same time, our experts will take the time to explain options that protect your family and possessions.

Safety is Always a Priority

Not all glass is intended to serve the same purpose. When considering a new tabletop, for example, the glass used should be designed to break without creating sharp pieces that could injure those in the area. In the case of tabletops, tempered glass is recommended. If you have tables with very large glass surfaces or other special circumstances, our team of experts may suggest thicker glass options for safety.

Windows around doors are another example of situations where tempered glass is needed. In fact, national building codes require the use of tempered glass in any area the code deems hazardous. Before replacing any glass, discuss the safety issues involved with one of our experts for the best custom glass solutions.

Elegant Glass Solutions Accent Your Home

While people immediately think of tabletops as glass design elements, custom glass solutions from Glass Doctor of Tyler include patio and French doors, mirrors and unique shelves. To determine which options are top choices for your home, contact our team for a consultation.

The specialist will walk through the home with you to evaluate areas where custom glass solutions would be appropriate. The consultant will then discuss various options with you to determine which design elements fit your overall decorating goals. Once the choices are determined, the professional from Glass Doctor of Tyler will carefully measure to determine the correct sizes of glass needed. That, in turn, allows the expert to provide an accurate estimate for the custom glass required.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Glass is more than a pretty design element, it is a sturdy and easy to clean addition to any room. Install glass shelves in your bathroom to create a seamless, clean look. Glass shelves allow light to pass through, which makes the space seem bigger.

A simple glass tabletop will make a space seem more luxurious and speed clean up. We can add glass to an antique table you hope to protect or install a new pane on any table base.

Custom Mirrors

Embellish light and enlarge small spaces with custom mirrors. Our specialists will point out the best areas to install a mirror to improve the lighting of a room. Adding a mirror to any space will instantly extend the room. During your home interview we will show you the best spots to add mirrors to maximize their benefits.

For Added Value, Choose Low-E Glass

Low-E, or low-emissivity, glass protects your home from damaging UV rays. Without the added protection, carpeting and upholstery suffer fading and deterioration. Using Low-E glass, on the other hand, stops the harmful rays from entering your home, significantly extending the life of furnishings. Arguably even more important, Low-E glass reduces the need for air conditioning, reducing your energy bills. When replacing any windows, discuss the advantages of Low-E glass with your Glass Doctor of Tyler professional.

Custom glass solutions, whether for glass tables, mirrors, or other design needs, significantly enhance the look and feel of any home. Glass Doctor of Tyler experts work with you to make your design ideas come to life. To get started, contact us to schedule a consultation today.