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Clear Choice Protectant

Even a hard surface like glass can be scratched and worn, so you need to protect it. This, however, doesn't meant that you should stop using your glass fixtures for what they were meant for. Clear Choice™ glass treatment will protect your glass fixtures from being damaged. One application of Clear Choice will keep your glass looking great for years! Glass Doctor of Tuscaloosa® is your exclusive Clear Choice glass treatment provider.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Clear Choice is specially designed to make your hard surfaces tougher and easier to take care of. To this end, your Clear Choice treatment will benefit your home through its assortment of advantages.

Protective: First and foremost, Clear Choice protects your hard surfaces. The normal abrasion that a surface undergoes is absorbed by your layer of Clear Choice, so that your beautiful surface that lies underneath remains unharmed.

In addition to physical damage, Clear Choice also protects against the effects of various chemicals, contaminants and pollutants. This includes the following:

  • Mineral deposits
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Hard water
  • Bacteria
  • Chemicals that stain
  • Mold
  • Harsh cleaning products

Versatile: Although Clear Choice is commonly known as a glass treatment, it can actually be used on just about any of your home's hard surfaces, including any of your stone and tile fixtures. This applies to the hard surfaces in any room in the house, including your kitchen and bathroom.

Durable: Clear Choice is specially designed to remove the hassle from your life. To this end, you won't have to regularly get a new treatment done. Instead, the next Clear Choice treatment you get done by the Glass Doctor of Tuscaloosa team will bond to your hard surface and last for years!

Smooth: Clear Choice is a perfectly smooth barrier between your hard surface and the outside world. This smoothness goes beyond what you can see or feel. Clear choice prevents liquids, dust and crumbs from sticking to your hard surface, so that cleaning is much easier. Instead of being forced to constantly scrub your hard surfaces, you can easily wipe them off.

Invisible: As the name suggests, Clear Choice is totally clear. This means that it won't interfere with the beauty of your hard surface at all. Any glass tint will retain its original color and luster without diluting the color.

Green: The makers of Clear Choice wanted to provide you with hard surface protection that doesn't contaminate our world in the process. As such, despite being one of the most powerful glass treatments that you can invest in, Clear Choice still manages to be environmentally friendly.

Let Our Professionals Protect Your Surfaces

Once one of our experts applies Clear Choice to your hard surfaces, they will be more protected and manageable than ever! You deserve a hard surface that is imbued with all of the benefits that Clear Choice provides, so give us a call today to schedule your appointment.