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Windshield Repair and Replacement

Your windshield helps support the vehicle's roof, acts as a backstop when the airbags deploy and prevents you from being ejected during a rollover or crash. If a chip or a crack weakens your windshield, you’re not only compromising your safety, but the safety of everyone else in your car.

windsheild repair

The automotive glass experts at Glass Doctor® of Tulsa assess each windshield chip or crack on an individual basis, taking into account the location, depth, size, type, and age of the damage, and the amount of environmental contamination it’s been exposed to before recommending a windshield repair or replacement.

Windshield Chip Repair in Tulsa

Technological advances are making it possible to repair wider chips and longer cracks without any loss to the strength of the windshield. Your windshield repair will be completed in a cost-effective manner that will improve its appearance while maintaining its durability.

There are different types of cracks, most identifiable by their sizes and shapes. For example, short cracks coming off a central impact point, small circular dings or angular pits can usually be easily repaired.

During the windshield repair process, a Glass Doctor of Tulsa specialist will remove the dirt from the break and fill it with a curable resin that optically matches the glass. This process not only bonds the glass, it restores the windshield.

Benefits of Windshield Repair from Glass Doctor of Tulsa:

  • It usually takes less than 30 minutes and we will schedule your appointment at your convenience.
  • The cost is low enough to save you the expense of paying an insurance deductible.
  • An immediate repair will maintain your vehicle's original support structure and safety levels.

Windshield Replacement in Tulsa

Standard windshields are made of two pieces of glass that are bonded together by a vinyl resin, or safety layer. Once that layer has been cracked or chipped, the windshield is unable to withstand further impact. Large cracks also seriously impact your vision and reflect glare from the sun. Chips larger than half-an-inch across or a crack more than three inches long will usually require windshield replacement.

Damages that usually cannot be repaired include:

  • Cracks inside the windshield
  • Damage to both layers of glass
  • Chips or cracks at the edges of the windshield
  • Cracks that reach into the driver’s line of sight
  • Large, complex or spidered cracks
  • Cracks with highly contaminated edges

Our Windshield Replacement Process

The exterior and interior areas of the car body around the windshield will be covered with a protective material before the windshield, seals and glues are removed. A primer will be spread on the inside of the windshield frame and the edges of the new windshield will be coated with an Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) approved adhesive and allowed to set for a required length of time. All of our replacement windshields are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality.

Adhesive used for windshield replacement must cure properly before operating the vehicle or the seal could become weakened. It’s important that you follow the safe drive-away time recommended by your Glass Doctor of Tulsa specialist.

At Glass Doctor of Tulsa, we take the safety of our customers seriously. We're well aware of the windshield's importance to your safety. With that in mind, our G12® Road Hazard Guarantee includes free repair to chips or cracks if your new windshield is damaged within 12 months of the replacement. Glass Doctor of Tulsa will also replace your windshield glass without charge if it is damaged beyond repair. Call or schedule an appointment online today!