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Toms River

Shower Door Installation

With some simple changes, like a new shower door or tub enclosure, you can change an ordinary bathroom into the ultimate retreat of your dreams. Whether you are tired of cleaning flimsy shower curtains or want to give your shower enclosure a remodel, Glass Doctor® of Toms River has the perfect solution to give you an envy-worthy bathroom.

Considerations for Your New Shower Door

Getting a new shower door for your Ocean County home isn’t as simple as one might thing; this type of update requires thoughtfulness. When you work with Glass Doctor of Toms River, a glass specialist will learn more about your budget, your needs and your design ideas to help you find the perfect shower door or tub enclosure. Before choosing a shower door, your glass specialist will review specifications with you to help ensure a successful installation:

  • Precise measurements: Even if you’ve measured your bathroom to aid in the design process, a Glass Doctor glass specialist will take a new set of measurements to ensure the exact dimensions of the space in your Toms River home. Expert bathroom measurements improve the accuracy of the estimate you receive and help save time during the installation process.
  • Ventilation needs: Bathroom ventilation is essential in preventing the growth of mold and mildew, preserving building materials and keeping you and your family safe. Glass Doctor is happy to inspect your bathroom in an in-home ventilation check and even install a steam room kit if your bathroom is fully tiled and needs additional ventilation.
  • Construction materials: The construction materials and the location of the studs used on your bathroom’s walls help to determine the best types of shower doors for your space. This gives us an accurate estimate of how much weight your bathroom walls can safely support.
  • Shower Head: While your current shower head may still work well, it may not be appropriate for the new door or enclosure you choose. A good shower head will not spray water outside of the tub or enclosure area when you open the door.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

If you’re ready to give your bathroom the update it deserves, Glass Doctor of Toms River encourages you to check out the following links to get some design ideas:

Whether you want to learn more about the options available or are ready to get the installation underway, contact Glass Doctor of Toms River to schedule an in-home consultation today!