Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice™ surface treatment is the perfect way to protect your home's surfaces. Not only is it an excellent glass treatment, but Clear Choice is also a great solution for almost every surface in your bathroom and kitchen. When Glass Doctor® of Toms River, NJ specialists apply Clear Choice to windows, counters, sinks, toilets and shower enclosures, you'll spend less time scrubbing and still have beautiful finishes. The water and oil-repelling properties of Clear Choice keep the surface clean, preventing soap scum and hard water stains.

Protect Your Home

Grime and hard mineral buildup keep your glass, tile, granite and porcelain surfaces from looking their best. One application can withstand five years of daily use. Clear Choice creates a high-tech shield that acts as a protective barrier on your surfaces. Savvy homeowners know Clear Choice protects and maintains all types of surfaces around the home. This surface treatment will ultimately reduce your cleaning time while extending the life of your most expensive finishes. Without the need for harsh chemical cleaners, your home becomes a greener space. Clear Choice is environmentally friendly.

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Get the most from your bathroom by scheduling a short visit with a Glass Doctor of Toms River, NJ specialist. Or ask for Clear Choice when you order your new shower door or tub enclosure. We'll start with a complimentary in-home consultation. Our team strives to offer exceptional service and solutions that make your home beautiful and easy to maintain.