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Toms River

Is Single Pane Replacement Possible?

Repairing windowpanes is a specialty for Glass Doctor® of Toms River. Most homes in Lakewood, Brick and Jackson have double pane windows, a type of insulated glass unit (IGU), which consists of multiple panes of glass with a metal spacer between them to create an air gap for insulation purposes. When just one pane in a double pane window breaks, our customers often wonder if we can replace the single pane. Because of the insulating build of the window, this is not possible. In order to make the units airtight they are bonded together with urethane, which is a strong adhesive. The best way to fix a broken pane is to replace the entire IGU, but use the existing frame.

Replacing the IGU will ensure that the unit has a proper seal. A good seal will guarantee energy efficient windows in your Toms River home. An airtight seal is important because, according to Department of Energy, up to 25 percent of a home’s energy losses are due to windows. Airtight windows decrease your energy loss and saves you money in heating and cooling costs.

Our glass specialists are ready to perform your window repair. Call or schedule an appointment online today with Glass Doctor of Toms River! We will fix your panes!®