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Think Ahead

Some projects are better left to professionals, installing a glass shower door or tub enclosure is one of them. Call a Glass Doctor® specialist for help turning any bathroom into a master space of style and function.

Before calling us for a consultation, note the following:

Bathroom Configuration

Knowing where your shower is located, what the walls are made of and the location of supporting studs are all crucial to picking your enclosure project. These answers help determine the maximum weight of glass shower enclosures that can be installed in your bathroom.

Shower Head

Don’t forget to note where the shower head sprays. Easily avoid excess water puddles through awareness of nozzle and spray radius.

Enclosure Measurements

Knowing the exact measurements of the existing shower or tub enclosure can save you time and materials. Glass Doctor offers expert measurement assistance to help you get the most value for your money.

Bathroom Ventilation

A bathroom’s ventilation is of the utmost importance for controlling the humidity. Moisture builds up, causing paint to peel and mold to grow. Our team will arrange the enclosure to establish appropriate ventilation. If a steam room is your preference, ventilation panels and special kits for that purpose are available.                    

Let Glass Doctor help you explore the possibilities for upgrading your bathroom.