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Auto Window Tinting

Tinting your windows will protect your eyes from the sunlight while you drive but will also shields your interior from UV damage. In addition the practical benefits, auto window tinting adds style and personality to any vehicle. The team of auto window tinting specialists at Glass Doctor® of Bell County will install your window tints with professional-grade precision for a flawless appearance.

Interior Protection

When exposed to direct sunlight, the leather and plastics found inside of your car will suffer damage. This wear starts with discoloration and fading. During the second stage of sunlight-induced damage, cracks and chips will appear throughout your interior.

Window tinting prevents the sun from damaging your vehicle's interior by keeping harmful UV rays out. By protecting the interior you preserve your car's beauty and residual value.

Enhanced Security

Keep prying eyes at bay. Having your windows tinted, minimizes interest in your vehicle. Thieves are less likely to take a risk on a target that offers no obvious reward./p>

Safer Driving

The sun's steady glare is blinding. When you're driving this becomes dangerous, because the sun can prevent you from clearly seeing the road. Sun visors help reduce glare but their capabilities are minimal because they have a limited size and they impede your vision themselves. Tinted car windows tone down the brightness of sunlight. This allows you to drive comfortably in any direction at any time of day.

Added Comfort

There are few experiences worse than stepping into an overheated car. In Central Texas, the temperature can stay above 100 degrees for weeks on-end during the summer. Touching an overheated seatbelt may actually burn your skin and no matter the cushion material the fabric hurts to sit upon. The air is more stifling than a poorly ventilated sauna. You shouldn't have to suffer these conditions just to get across town. Filter the sun's strongest rays out, tinted auto windows prevent your car from being overheated.

Free Consultation

Contact Glass Doctor of Bell County today for your free auto window tinting consultation. We can deliver the custom window tints that you want and deserve.