Clear Choice Protectant

Make your bathroom look its best with the help of Clear ChoiceTM protectant. Clear Choice is a surface treatment that works well on a variety of materials. This unique product protects glass shower doors and tub enclosures, along with windows, countertops, sinks, tile and even toilets. Glass Doctor® of Bell County offers Clear Choice protectant as an alternative to constant scrubbing. By resisting water and oil, this surface treatment prevents hard water stains, soap scum, bacteria and mold growth and the accumulation of waste products. It also makes your surfaces smoother and glossier, which makes them much easier to clean.

Protect Your Investment

Hard water stains blemish your glass, granite, porcelain, tile and many other commonly used home materials. Clear Choice is a system that is professionally applied to protect these delicate surfaces. A single application of this patented product provides scratch-, stain- and water-resistance for up to five years. Clear Choice acts as a protective barrier for any silica-based surfaces against:

  • Hard water
  • Weathering
  • Mineral deposits
  • Environmental pollutants

The Benefits of Clear Choice

  • Easier to clean
  • Less prone to dangerous mold and bacteria growth
  • Stain, scratch and impact resistant
  • Protected from hard water staining and etching
  • Glossier

Clear Choice is also an environmentally-friendly option. There's no need to live with grungy bathroom surfaces or to struggle to keep glass and fixtures clean. One visit from a glass specialist will make your home look better and your fixtures last longer. Contact Glass Doctor of Bell County to schedule your free in-home consultation! We are ready to make your home standout through glass repair and care.